About us

We are a software house which offers specialists with 30 years of experience implementing award winning solutions. Our skills range from Enterprise Applications and Integration, SQL and NoSQL DBMS, Database modelling, DBMS scalability and Big Data, Cloud and Mobile architecture.


NPLAN CMMS is our suite of modules for FM/CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), which includes Asset tracking, Call Center, Preventive and planned maintenance, human resources activity monitoring and scheduling, a notify system, and more.

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We assist our customers with analysis and implementation of innovative software solutions on web, cloud, mobile, finding the best tools for each project.


Enterprise software is usually expensive to use, and to maintain.
We focused to lower TCO and maintenance costs, without compromising quality.


Our suite has thousands of different classes of entities (tasks, work orders, assets, plants, buildings, etc) which the user can visualize and edit. Asking our users to learn a different form for each of them would be more than a nuisance. Nplan has a unified approach: everything is presented using only some basic views (grids, trees, maps , inspector).

Start creating your inventory in 5 minutes!

adapt and evolve

We focus on evolution and customization of our solutions, because no customer is like any other in the maintenance market.

Code is expensive to write, test and maintain: flexible integration and adaptation keeping costs low is obtained using a unique "model driven approach" which means that a description model is modified and extended as much as possible avoiding to write code.


NPLAN CMMS is our suite of software modules for Facility Management and Maintenance Management, and a framework to rapidly develop new solutions for customer requirements. It tracks and manages an organization’s assets - where they’re located, which departments use them, their frequency of use and when they need to be repaired or replaced. This helps organizations understand how to optimize the use and placement of assets, which reduces capital expenditures.

NPLAN CMMS allows organizations to create and monitor work orders for maintenance activities, helps them to evaluate the physical condition of their buildings and to forecast plans of preventive maintenance, automating routine tasks.

A complete ticketing system is integrated with the preventive and predictive maintenance scheduler, sending work orders directly to mobile phones of your maintenance staff, together with a powerful notifying system that allows project managers to monitor and receive alerts when something needs attention.


  • Easy to learn: start inserting your inventory in 5 minutes
  • Flexible: no limits to customize it, extend and integrate it
  • Powerful: monitor and manage all your operations without losing control of the details
  • Complete: a dozen of modules for all your needs
  • Innovative: built with the latest NoSQL DBMS technology
  • Cloud and mobile: connect from anywhere
  • Web native: you only need a browser and a connection
  • Mature: 15 years of improvements and testing

What it can do

In Nplan you can store, browse and retrieve all the information you need regarding all your assets like buildings, plants, human resources and equipments in a central, unified system. Alphanumeric data, georeferenced information (on maps), graphics (e.g. floor plans, diagrams etc), documents and attachments (e.g. contracts, insurance policies, orders, invoices, etc), can be browsed from various perspectives, for example by physical location, by department, by category cost center, etc, with unique “drill through” functionalities that allow the user to keep a synthetic an unified approach.